About this Site

Having gained and lost and gained and lost and gained I write to explore what I have conveniently forgotten…the truth about diet, exercise and body image and to explore the most sane and most effective ways to bring clarity of mind, lightness to the body and lift the spirit.

If you’re struggling with your weight and you’ve given up on starvation diets, if you’re tired of hating your body, if your willing to change a few habits here and there this site is for you.

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Who would you be if you loved your body?

Who would you be if you loved your body? 

What if loving your body had nothing to do with how you look in the mirror?

What if loving your body RIGHT NOW inspired you to take better care of it?

I’m talking about unconditional love, what mothers feel for their children.  I’m taking about loving your body even when it gains weight and it’s not a holiday.  Yeah, I know you’re scared if you just accept the way you look right now you’ll give up.  You’ll eat nothing but junk food and never exercise again.  I mean, that self criticism really motivates and inspires you right?  You’d never got off your ass if you stopped hating your reflection right?  Well how’s that working for you so far?

I too have spent years berating my reflection only to console myself with sweets.  I’ve weighed 114 lbs. and 213 lbs.  I’ve been a junk food junkie and a raw food vegan.  I’ve been a binge eater and a “normal” eater.  I’ve taught Yoga, Zumba, nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine, mind body healing, etc.  I’ve hated my skinny body and loved my fat body.  I’ve got a long list of chronic ailments I’ve overcome including eczema and migraines.  I know what it means to feel ashamed to be seen in public.  If I don’t have the answers you seek, hopefully I have the questions to allow you to unlock your own answers.